KFC In Thailand Makes People Around The World Jealous

Many delicious dishes are available at KFC Thailand but do not appear in other countries.

Appearing in many countries around the world, KFC has become one of the highly famous fast food brands that almost everyone knows by name. Coming to big cities, you can easily find and enjoy familiar KFC dishes such as crispy fried chicken, egg tarts,…

KFC has dishes specifically designed for Thailand.

KFC’s signature dishes are available in any country, so you don’t have to go too far to buy them. However, when the dish is on the “Exclusive Menu”, it’s a different story! Typically, KFC Thailand’s exclusive dishes have made many foodies in other countries jealous because of their diversity, attractiveness, and deliciousness.

Check the full menu of KFC Bangkok.

KFC Thailand chick and cone
KFC Chick and Cone (Source: KFC Thailand)
KFC Thailand cheesy chicken
KFC Cheesy Chicken (Source: KFC Thailand)

A series of dishes such as chicken cones (fried chicken in a cone), custard cakes, green curry rice, sour cream chicken corn or milk tea, ice cream, Thai tea topped with cream… have new flavors that make everyone who sees it crave it. And indeed, it is true that you have to be in Thailand to have the opportunity to enjoy these exciting dishes.

A tourist from Sydney shared: “KFC in Thailand is amazing. I feel the chicken is crispier than the Australian version, and the egg tarts there are very delicious.”

Let’s see more exclusive dishes from KFC in Thailand below!

KFC Thailand special menu
KFC Zabb on Ice (Source: KFC Thailand)
KFC Thailand special drink menu
KFC Volcano Salted Egg (Source: KFC Thailand)
KFC Thailand Sour Cream Cheesy Pop
KFC Thailand Sour Cream Cheesy Pop (Source: KFC Thailand)
KFC Thailand egg tart
KFC Thailand Egg Tart (Source: KFC Thailand)
KFC Thailand milk tea
KFC Milk Tea (Source: KFC Thailand)
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