Jeh O Chula, Enjoy The Best Tom Yum Mama Noodles In Bangkok

Jeh O Chula (ร้านเจ๊โอว) noodle shop became a famous night restaurant in Bangkok because of its best-selling Tom Yum Mama noodles. For those who are “night eaters”, surely when coming to Thailand, you will not be able to miss this noodle shop.

Jeh O Chula Mama Tom Yum


Jeh O Chula is a famous night restaurant in Bangkok that opens in the evening and closes at dawn the next day. Although this place is just street food with quite popular restaurants and is open at such “odd” hours, this is still a place that many locals and tourists visit, seem interested in, and eagerly wait in line to enjoy. If you are planning to go to Bangkok in the near future, don’t forget to “note” the address of this restaurant in your book to plan your meal.

Jeh O Chula outside view

Jeh O Chula is truly one of the restaurants not to be missed when coming to Bangkok. Like many other noodle dishes, Tom Yum Mama Noodles have become familiar to Thai people as rustic and simple fast food. However, if you come to the Jeh O Chula noodle shop, this noodle dish seems to have been raised to a new, attractive level.


Although the shop only opens after 5 pm, many tourists and locals come here late at night. The heat of the noodles is enough to warm your stomach at night when there is a cool night mist. The busiest time is after 11 pm when the restaurant’s famous noodles are served quickly between rows of tables. That’s why Jeh O Chula is one of Bangkok’s most attractive nightlife addresses.


Since opening in 1944, Jeh O Chula’s noodles have remained the same recipe, cooked from simple Thai instant noodles packages, but each bowl of noodles has a combination of ingredients. Attractive “toppings” such as shrimp, squid, meatballs, fresh eggs, and other common ingredients are used to cook traditional tom yum.

A special feature is its unmistakably spicy taste, and the most ordered dish is the attractive bowl of Tom Yum noodles with crab claws. The blend of sour and spicy flavors mixed with hotness, when first brought out, easily satisfies any picky taste buds. However, if you don’t like spicy food, you should ask the chef to reduce the spiciness to the lowest level possible.

The restaurant is so crowded that you may have to wait in line for about an hour after taking a number to be served. Not only do natives also love this restaurant, but tourists also miss the spicy, delicious tom yum noodles. That’s enough to know how delicious this restaurant is, making many diners come back 2-3 times in a row.

Jeh O Chula waiting line outside

Even though it is sold at night, the restaurant is no less crowded than any other restaurant that sells during the day. The big plus point for the noodle shop is that the staff is warm and agile, serving hot bowls of noodles between the rows of tables, making anyone who sees them eat hot noodles. Even having to wait for a long time feels comfortable.

Mama Tom Yum Noodles (Seafood)฿ (THB) 220
Mama Tom Yum Noodles (Mixed)฿ (THB) 300

See the full Jeh O Chula menu.

Food prices here are also reasonable. The lowest-priced dish is ฿ 150 baht (THB)/bowl, while Mama’s tom yum noodles range from ฿ 220-300 baht (THB)/bowl, depending on what “toppings” you want to add. In addition, if you order a combo, the price for a small pot of noodles is ฿ 900 baht (THB)/4 people.

Jeh O Chula Bangkok – Working hours and location

Opening days: Monday – Sunday

Opening hours: 4.30 pm – 12.00 am (16:30 – 0:00)

Address: 113 Khwaeng Rong Muang, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. (Open Maps)

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