About Us

Bangkokmenu is the destination for food lovers in Bangkok. We aim to provide everyone with menus and prices from restaurants in Bangkok – one of the places with the most extensive collection of cuisines from around the world.


Our mission is to bring Thailand’s cuisine in general and Bangkok in particular to the world. By providing information about the menu and prices of each restaurant, we hope you can find a restaurant that suits your preferences and budget.


Ben Donaldson

Nutrition Educator

As a Nutrition Educator at Bangkok Health Center, I bring a unique blend of international experience and cultural adaptability to my practice. With my love for Thai cuisine, I would like to provide helpful information about the menu, prices, and my experiences with the restaurants here.


At BangkokMenu.org, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of information authenticity. Our principle is to put information quality first.

  • We only search for information on the most reliable official information sources.
  • We regularly check and review the information and update the latest figures every year.

We hope the information we have tried so hard to obtain will be helpful to you. If you have any comments to help make this site better, we are happy to listen.

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