Are you looking for the latest Jok Prince (โจ๊กปรินซ์ บางรัก) Bangkok menu price list? Then you have arrived at the right place! Below you will find the latest Jok Prince Restaurant menu with price, and we have attached images for your better reference. The menus & prices are sourced directly from the official source.

Jok Prince is very famous among Thai people and foreigners for its delicious porridge, and the porridge here is mainly pork and egg porridge. Finding Jok Prince restaurant is not difficult because it is located opposite Robinson Bangrak, a famous old shopping mall next to Shangri La Hotel that used to create long traffic jams. But finding the exact address of this place is a real challenge because there are no road signs here written in English. Memorizing the outstanding features in the photos we post here is the easiest way, or you can bookmark this article to view when needed.

Jok Prince location

Given Jok Prince’s reputation, diners might expect to find a restaurant. Still, this restaurant has nothing more than two rows of simple wooden tables and chairs placed close to the wall, located in a rather narrow alley between the two shopping arcades used to lead to the old movie theater called “Prince”. Right at the restaurant’s entrance is a small metal counter, on which are all the necessary spices for the porridge. At mealtime, there is a long line of people waiting to buy porridge to take home, and without mentioning it, you can guess that all the tables inside are full.

Jok Prince Inside View

The most common situation at Jok Prince is that all the tables are occupied, and only a few of them have been ordered, which means you will only be served when everyone who came before you has served. At Jok Prince, they only serve a few simple porridge dishes such as minced meat porridge or white porridge, porridge served with raw eggs, or northern duck porridge, and that’s all.

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Jok Prince Bangkok menu is categorized as Congee.


Pork Congee฿ (THB) 45฿ (THB) 55
Pork Congee With An Egg฿ (THB) 50฿ (THB) 60
Pork Congee And Nutritious Organs฿ (THB) 45฿ (THB) 55
Pork Congee, Nutritious Organs, And A Soft-Boiled Egg฿ (THB) 50฿ (THB) 60
Pork Congee, Nutritious Organs, And A Century Egg฿ (THB) 65฿ (THB) 75
Pork Congee, Nutritious Organs, And 2 Soft-Boiled Eggs฿ (THB) 70฿ (THB) 75
Pork Congee, Nutritious Organs, Soft-Boiled Egg And A Century Egg฿ (THB) 75฿ (THB) 80
Plain Congee฿ (THB) 25฿ (THB) 35
Pork Meatball With / Without Nutritious Organs ฿ (THB) 60฿ (THB) 70
Jok Prince Congee

Once you have enjoyed this dish, you will immediately wonder why such a simple dish can evoke a delicious feeling. Maybe it’s because you’ve tasted too many greasy dishes daily, making you feel bored and losing your taste. Then you just need to taste a bowl of thick porridge at Jok Prince – no oil, little spice, soft and easy to digest, and for only 45 baht (THB), the appetite immediately appears.

Jok Prince menu


Egg฿ (THB) 10
Century Egg฿ (THB) 20
Crispy Donut฿ (THB) 7
Crispy Noodle฿ (THB) 7
Jok Prince Congee

Is Jok Prince in Bangkok Halal?

No, Jok Prince Restaurant in Bangkok doesn’t have a Halal certificate.

Jok Prince Bangkok – Working hours and location

Opening days: Monday – Sunday

Opening hours: 6.00 am – 1.00 pm (06:00 – 13:00), 3.00 pm – 0.00 am (15:00 – 00:00)

Address: 1391 Charoen Krung Road, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand (Open Map)

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