Are you looking for the latest Savoey (เสวย) menu price list? Then you have arrived at the right place! Below you will find the latest Savoey Bangkok menu with price, and we have attached images for your better reference. Savoey menus and prices are sourced directly from their official website.


Savoey menu is categorized as Signature Menu, Main Dishes, Appetizers, Southern Dishes, Northeastern Dishes, Salads, Seafoods, Soups, Vegetables, Rice and Noodles, Other Dishes and Drinks.


Stir-Fried Mud Crab In Yellow Curry Sauce (100g)฿ (THB) 230
Steamed Seabass With Lime And Chili฿ (THB) 560
Deep-Fried Sea Bass In Fish Sauce With Mango Salsa฿ (THB) 560
Stir-Fried Sea Prawns With Rock Salt And Fresh Chili฿ (THB) 375
Grilled Giant River Prawns฿ (THB) 850
Baked Sea Prawns With Bean Vermicelli In Earthen Casserole฿ (THB) 375
Stir-Fried Jumbo Crab Meat In Yellow Curry Sauce฿ (THB) 520
Stir-Fried Jumbo Crabmeat And Fresh Chili฿ (THB) 520
Stir-Fried Chicken With Cashew Nuts฿ (THB) 200
Savoey’s Signature Honey-Roasted Pork Spare Ribs฿ (THB) 275
Stir-Fried Fluffy-Fried Minced With Ginger฿ (THB) 195
Roasted Boneless Duck Seasoned With Chinese Herbs฿ (THB) 450 / 900
Deep-Fried Jumbo Crab Meat฿ (THB) 360
Stir-Fried Tofu And Pork With Fresh Chili฿ (THB) 180
Fried-Chicken With Lemon Cream Sauce And Crispy-Fried Kale฿ (THB) 220
Shrimp Tempura Served With Mixed Fruit Salad In Taro Bowl฿ (THB) 290
Savoey’s Deep-Fried Shrimp Cake฿ (THB) 280
Savoey’s Signature FreshSpring Rolls฿ (THB) 160
Pork Satay฿ (THB) 180
“Tom Yum Goong” – River Prawns฿ (THB) 380 / 760
Thai Style Deep-Fried Fish Cake฿ (THB) 190
Braised Oyster Omelet฿ (THB) 240
Suratthani Fresh Oyster฿ (THB) 120
Fresh Raw Shrimp Marinated In Fish Sauce฿ (THB) 240
Winged Bean Shrimp Salad฿ (THB) 165
Fluffy-Fried Minced Catfish Meat Served With Mango Salad Paste฿ (THB) 195
Somtum – Thai Style Green Papaya Salad฿ (THB) 110
Stir-Fried Thai Vegetable (Pak Meang) With Crispy Dry Shrimp฿ (THB) 190
Quick-Fried Water Morning Glory฿ (THB) 160
Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables฿ (THB) 160
Stir-Fried Cabbage In Fish Sauce฿ (THB) 160
Quick-Fried Chayote With Chili฿ (THB) 160
Stir-Fried Chinese Kale With Salted Crispy Pork฿ (THB) 180
“Tom Yum Goong” – Sea Prawns฿ (THB) 300
Spicy Coconut Soup Chicken฿ (THB) 165
Stir-Fried Squid With SaltedEgg Yolk฿ (THB) 280
Thai Sour Soup Sea Catfish฿ (THB) 350
Savoey Jumbo Crab Meat Fried Rice฿ (THB) 200
Special Baked-Pineapple Fried Rice฿ (THB) 290
Spicy Shrimp And Pork Chili PasteFried Rice Served With Vegetable฿ (THB) 150
Pad Thai River Prawns฿ (THB) 190
Stir-Fried Vermicelli With ShrimpAnd Water Mimosa฿ (THB) 150
Deep-Fried Seabass With Green Curry Served With Thai Rice Noodle฿ (THB) 600
Steamed Squid In Spicy Lime Sauce฿ (THB) 380

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Savoey signature menu


Stir-Fried Jumbo Crab Meat With Spicy Yellow Curry And Betel Leaf฿ (THB) 520
Stir-Fried Pork Or Chicken With Holy Basil฿ (THB) 150
Stir-Fried Shrimp Or Seafood With Holy Basil฿ (THB) 200
Soft Boiled Sea Bass Meat With Red Chili Sauce฿ (THB) 290
Deep-Fried River PrawnsIn Tamarind Glaze฿ (THB) 380
Jumbo Crab Meat Omelet฿ (THB) 480
Deep-Fried Tofu With Chinese Gravy Sauce฿ (THB) 170
Shrimp Chili Paste Served With Vegetable Set฿ (THB) 190
Stir-Fried Oyster With Egg฿ (THB) 240
Deep-Fried Catfish With Spicy Fresh Herb฿ (THB) 185
Savoey main dishes


Crispy Rice With Tamarind Peanut Sauce฿ (THB) 140
Moon Style Deep-Fried Spring Roll With Sea Prawns฿ (THB) 220
Savoey Deep-Fried Spring Roll฿ (THB) 140
Deep-Fried Shrimp฿ (THB) 250
Deep-Fried Sea Prawn Rolled Cake฿ (THB) 210
Thai Fresh Spring Rolls Pork฿ (THB) 160
Deep-Fried Squid฿ (THB) 260
Steamed Phuket’s Fish Ball฿ (THB) 220
(Golae Chicken) Grilled Chicken With Thai Coconut Milk฿ (THB) 180
Three – Flavors Crispy Noodles With Shrimp฿ (THB) 145


Crab Curry With Betel Leaves Served With Rice Vermicelli฿ (THB) 540
Stir-Fried Sataw Stink Beans With Pork Or Sea Prawns฿ (THB) 220 / 260
Stir-Fried Sataw Stink Beans With Chili Paste And Pork Or Sea Prawns฿ (THB) 220 / 260
Steamed Pork Belly With Pepper & Garlic฿ (THB) 240
Stir-Fried Minced Pork With Yellow Curry Paste฿ (THB) 200


Green Papaya Salad And Grilled Chicken Or Deep-Fried Chicken Served With Sticky Rice฿ (THB) 175
Green Papaya Salad And Salty Egg฿ (THB) 130
Green Papaya Salad And Fried Egg฿ (THB) 130
Grilled Chicken And Sticky Rice฿ (THB) 175
Deep-Fried Chicken And Sticky Rice฿ (THB) 175
Grilled Pork Neck With Thai Spicy Sauce฿ (THB) 220
Spicy Minced Chicken Or Pork Salad฿ (THB) 180
Hot And Spicy Grilled Pork Salad฿ (THB) 200
Spicy Fluffy-Fried Minced Catfish Salad฿ (THB) 195


Spicy Mixed Seafood฿ (THB) 200
Savoey’s Signature Spicy Shrimp Salad฿ (THB) 200
Glass Noodle Pork Nut Spicy Salad฿ (THB) 200
Spicy River Prawn And Herb Salad฿ (THB) 380
Spicy Kale Branch Shrimp Salad฿ (THB) 165
Crispy Deep-Fried Morning Glory Salad฿ (THB) 180


Grilled River Prawn฿ (THB) 500 / 1,000
Steamed Giant River Prawn In Fresh Milk฿ (THB) 850
Steamed Giant River Prawn With Garlic฿ (THB) 850
Steamed Mud Crab (100 G)฿ (THB) 230
Mud Crab Baked With Vermicelli In Earthen Casserole (100 G)฿ (THB) 230
Stir-Fried Mud Crab With Black Pepper Sauce (100 G)฿ (THB) 230
Steamed Sea Bass In Soy Sauce฿ (THB) 560
Deep-Fried Sea Bass In Chili Sauce฿ (THB) 560
Deep-Fried Seabass With Garlic฿ (THB) 560


Tom Yum Seafood฿ (THB) 300
Sour Plum Soup With Minced Pork฿ (THB) 165
Sour Tamarind Ragout With Deep-Fried Serpent-Head Fish฿ (THB) 450
Thai Hot Clear Soup With Chicken Or Pork฿ (THB) 175
Thai Green Curry With Shrimp฿ (THB) 190
Thai Green Curry With Pork Or Chicken฿ (THB) 175
Thai Green Curry With Fish Balls฿ (THB) 175
Hot And Sour Seafood Soup฿ (THB) 300
Curry With Cucumber Sliced And Onions In Vinegar฿ (THB) 165
Red Curry With Roasted Duck฿ (THB) 265
Clear Soup With Tofu And Minced Pork฿ (THB) 165
Sour Tamarind Ragout With Shrimps And Acacia Omelet฿ (THB) 190
Thai Red Curry With Chicken Or Pork฿ (THB) 165
Savoey soup menu


Stir-Fried Chinese Kale With Salted Fish฿ (THB) 165
Seafood Fresh Spring Rolls฿ (THB) 165
Stir-Fried Crispy Lettuce In Oyster Sauce฿ (THB) 165
Stir-Fried Broccoli With Shrimps฿ (THB) 165
Stir-Fried Sunflower Sprout In Oyster Sauce฿ (THB) 165
Stir-Fried Morning Glory In Oyster Sauce฿ (THB) 165
Stir-Fried Sunflower Sprout With Chili฿ (THB) 165
Quick-Fried Water Mimosa With Chili฿ (THB) 165
Stir-Fried Water Mimosa In Oyster Sauce฿ (THB) 165


Fried Rice Crispy Pork With Rock Salt And Fresh Chili฿ (THB) 170
Fried Rice Vermicelli With Squid In Thick Gravy฿ (THB) 150
Rice Topped With Stir-Fried Pork Or Chicken With Thai Basil฿ (THB) 140
Rice Topped With Stir-Fried Shrimp Or Seafood With Thai Basil฿ (THB) 150 / 160
Fried Rice Noodles With Chicken฿ (THB) 165
Egg Noodles With Chicken Or Shrimp In Thick Gravy฿ (THB) 140 / 150
Rice Noodles With Seabass In Black Bean Sauce฿ (THB) 140
Stir-Fried Rice Noodles With Black Soy Sauce And Shrimp฿ (THB) 150
Rice Noodles With Chicken Or Pork In Thick Gravy฿ (THB) 140
Rice Noodles With Shrimp Or Seafood In Thick Gravy฿ (THB) 150 / 160
“Pad Thai” Chicken฿ (THB) 155
Baked Rice With Shrimp Or Mixed Chicken, Pork And Shrimp฿ (THB) 150
Pad Thai Sen Chan฿ (THB) 165
Egg Noodles With Mushroom, Squid And Minced Pork฿ (THB) 160


Egg / Pork / Chicken Fried Rice฿ (THB) 100 / 140
Shrimp Or Seafood Fried Rice฿ (THB) 150 / 160
Fried Egg฿ (THB) 20
Omelet฿ (THB) 90
Minced Pork Omelet฿ (THB) 140
Shrimp Omelet฿ (THB) 150
Steamed Rice (Dish/Bowl)฿ (THB) 28 / 110


Roselle Juice Mixed With Roof Beer฿ (THB) 100
Lychee Rose Tea฿ (THB) 100
Smoothing Chrysan Tangerine฿ (THB) 100
Sparkling Butterfly Pea Lemongrass Juice฿ (THB) 90
Mango Sticky Rice Smoothie฿ (THB) 140
Andaman฿ (THB) 100
Rose Tea฿ (THB) 90
Sparkling Plum Juice฿ (THB) 90
Lime Juice With Honey฿ (THB) 90
Kale Frappe฿ (THB) 90

Is Savoey Bangkok Halal?

No, Savoey in Bangkok doesn’t have Halal certificate.

Savoey Bangkok – Working hours and location

Opening days: Monday – Sunday


  • Savoey Terminal 21 Asok (เสวย เทอร์มินอล 21 อโศก)
    • Opening hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (10:00 – 22:00)
    • Address: 5th floor, Terminal 21 Asok Shopping Mall, 88 Soi Sukhumvit19, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Open Map)
  • Savoey Seafood CO. Sukhumvit 26 (เสวย ซีฟู้ด สุขุมวิท26)
    • Opening hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (10:00 – 22:00)
    • Address: 120 4 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Klongton, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Open Map)
  • Savoey Tha Maharaj (เสวย ท่ามหาราช)
    • Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Thursday), 10:00 – 0:00 (Friday – Sunday)
    • Address: 2nd Floor, Building G, Tha Maharaj, Trok Mahathat, Maharaj Rd. In Rattanakosin Island, Thailand (Open Map)
  • Savoey The Mercury Ville@Chidlom (เสวย เมอร์คิวรี่ วิลล์ ชิดลม)
    • Opening hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (10:00 – 22:00)
    • Address: 2nd Floor, Mercury Tower, Ploenchit Rd, Thailand (Open Map)
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