Are you looking for the latest On Lok Yun (ออน ล็อก หยุ่น) menu price list? Then you have arrived at the right place! Below you will find the latest On Lok Yun Bangkok menu with price, and we have attached images for your better reference. The menus and prices are sourced directly from their official Facebook.

The restaurant called On Lok Yun is located right in Bangkok – the capital of Thailand. The shop is up to 80 years old, so its appearance is equivalent to the number of years it has existed. With my long experience in business, it is not surprising that you can verify the hotness of this restaurant by typing the restaurant’s name on Google. You will enjoy countless pictures and especially nice comments from many young people worldwide.

On Lok Yun from the outside looks very ancient, as old as a hundred years ago. The space inside the restaurant is narrow but has the advantage of being clean, with white walls and tables and chairs in bright tones. Very little has changed inside since it opened many years ago. Most furniture is no-frills, with only wooden cabinets on both sides, containing many tin cans, spices, and Thai utensils.

Although it is a nostalgic cafe, this place is really attractive because of the way young people come here to enjoy and feel a very different culture. Local people and Thai-Chinese aunts and uncles are regular customers of the restaurant. One thing that surprises many people when coming to On Lok Yun is that the dishes here combine a variety of cuisines from many countries around the world, especially the influence of Western countries, China, and Thailand. Lan.

On Lok Yun’s menu is quite diverse, giving you many interesting choices. In particular, the restaurant serves French toast, sausages, bacon, egg custard, avocado bread, etc. The most commonly ordered drinks are Thai milk tea, black coffee, milk coffee, milo, and iced tea. In particular, the color of the restaurant’s dishes always looks good, decorated simply but beautifully. You only need to order 3-4 dishes and put them on the table to be able to take an interesting photo, and it makes everyone think you’re visiting a luxury restaurant.

After realizing the hotness of the restaurant, once you get there, you will feel extremely excited and love this place. Diverse dishes, quaint restaurants, and low prices have become three big advantages that make On Lok Yun quickly become a restaurant in the sights of tourists from all over the world. In particular, when the restaurant becomes more known thanks to its widespread coverage on Instagram and famous culinary blogs, it becomes easier for you to find information and images of the restaurant, so the number of visitors to the restaurant becomes larger.


On Lok Yun menu is categorized as Breakfast, Toasts, and Drinks.


1 Plain Egg (Fried / Scrambled)฿ (THB) 15
1 Egg + 2 Toppings฿ (THB) 55 / 60
1 Egg + 3 Toppings฿ (THB) 75 / 80
1 Egg + 4 Toppings฿ (THB) 95 / 100
Soft-Boiled Eggs (2 Eggs / 1 Serve)฿ (THB) 20
Toppings (Small / Large)
– Ham
– Bacon
– Sausages
– Chinese Sausages
฿ (THB) 45 / 90

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There are not only diverse, delicious, and attractive dishes, but the prices at the restaurant also really attract diners. For example, a cup of milk tea here costs only 30 baht (about 0.9 USD), egg custard cake costs 32 baht, etc, … quite cheap.

On Lok Yun menu


Butter & Sugar฿ (THB) 25
Butter & Sweeten Milk฿ (THB) 30
Butter & Sweeten Milk + Sugar฿ (THB) 32
Butter & Jam (Orange Or Strawberry)฿ (THB) 32
Milo Toast฿ (THB) 38
Kaya Toast฿ (THB) 38
Ham Sandwiches฿ (THB) 60
Egg And Ham Sandwich฿ (THB) 70
Steamed Bread With Kaya (Egg Custard)฿ (THB) 32
Signature French Toast฿ (THB) 40 / 80
Oatmeal฿ (THB) 25 / 35
Fresh Papaya฿ (THB) 25 / 50
On Lok Yun Breakfast set


Signature Coffee (Milk / Black)฿ (THB) 30 / 35 (Hot / Ice)
Milk Tea (Cha Yen)฿ (THB) 30 / 35 (Hot / Ice)
Milo฿ (THB) 30 / 35 (Hot / Ice)
Iced Fresh Milk฿ (THB) 35
Iced Black Tea฿ (THB) 30
Iced Lemon Tea฿ (THB) 35
Red Soda฿ (THB) 30 / 35
Red Lemon Soda฿ (THB) 40
Plum Juice / Soda฿ (THB) 35 / 40
Plum Black Tea฿ (THB) 40
On Lok Yun tea and bread

Is On Lok Yun in Bangkok Halal?

No, On Lok Yun in Bangkok doesn’t have Halal certificate.

Is there parking near On Lok Yun?

Yes, you can park your car at The Old Siam Plaza.

On Lok Yun Bangkok – Working hours and location

Opening days: Monday – Sunday

Opening hours: 6.00 am – 02.30 pm (06:00 – 14:30)

Address: 72 Charoen Krung Road, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand (Open Map)

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