Are you looking for the latest Baan Ying (บ้านหญิง) Bangkok menu price list? Then you have arrived at the right place! Below you will find the latest Baan Ying Restaurant menu with price, and we have attached images for your better reference. The menus & prices are sourced directly from their official website.

Baan Ying inside view

Baan Ying is a popular dining destination for tourists and locals. The restaurant’s most significant advantages are its authentic Thai food and quick service. Omelette Rice and Crispy Fried Chicken wings are two “specialties” of Baan Ying.

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Baan Ying Bangkok menu is categorized as Omelets, Appetizers, Soup & Curry, Noodles, Fried Rice, Rice A La Carte, and Drinks.


“The Classic” Omelet RiceCrab + Shrimp + Pork Belly + Chinese Broccoli฿ (THB) 425
Omelet Rice With Shrimp & XO Sauce By Chef Enoch Teo฿ (THB) 259
Crab With Chili & Garlic Omelet Rice฿ (THB) 420
Omelet Rice With Grilled Beef & Secret Sauce฿ (THB) 495
Chicken Basil Omelet Rice฿ (THB) 155
Tom Yum Goong Omelet Rice฿ (THB) 249
Omelet Rice With Spicy & Sour Sun-Dried Beef Salad฿ (THB) 239
Omelet Rice With Bacon And Melted Cheese฿ (THB) 195
Omelet Rice With Fried Salmon & Chu Chee Curry Sauce฿ (THB) 240
Baan Ying omelette rice menu
Baan Ying Signature Omelette Menu
Baan Ying omelette
Baan Ying Omelette


Deep-Fried Pork Belly฿ (THB) 170
Deep-Fried Chicken Wings฿ (THB) 155
Fried Tofu฿ (THB) 110
Spicy Acacia Omelette Salad฿ (THB) 215
Boiled Sea With Spicy Bean Paste฿ (THB) 285
Seafood Glass Noodle Salad฿ (THB) 215
Deep-Fried Chicken Knuckles฿ (THB) 150
Isan Fermented Sausages฿ (THB) 150
Spicy Wing Bean Salad฿ (THB) 150
Crispy Morning Glory Salad฿ (THB) 195
Spicy Minced Pork Salad฿ (THB) 215
Grilled Pork Shoulder Salad฿ (THB) 275
Spicy Vietnamese Pork Sausage Salad฿ (THB) 155
Rice Noodle Salad With Minced Pork฿ (THB) 145
Fresh Raw Shrimps With Sour And Spicy Dressing฿ (THB) 215
Chili & Garlic Squid฿ (THB) 225
Crispy Sesame Pork฿ (THB) 190
Ham & Cheese Spring Roll฿ (THB) 110
Spinach And Grilled Pork Shoulder Salad฿ (THB) 245
Spicy Salmon & Mango Salad฿ (THB) 285
Fried Herbal Pork Ball฿ (THB) 165
Fried Chicken Salad With Thai-Larb Creamy Dressing฿ (THB) 165
Spicy Fried Salmon Salad With Herbs฿ (THB) 240
French Friends With Spicy Cream Cheese Dip฿ (THB) 110 + 45
Baan Ying appetizers menu
Baan Ying Appetizers Menu


Thai Green Chicken / Beef Curry฿ (THB) 165 / 195
Grandma Chicken Soup฿ (THB) 185
Pork Panang Curry฿ (THB) 205
Chinese Spinach, Pork, Egg Tofu Soup฿ (THB) 180
Crab in Spicy Curry With Wild Betel Leaves฿ (THB) 525
Mixed Seafood Tom-Yum Soup฿ (THB) 260
Tender Pork Ribs / Chicken in Spicy Broth฿ (THB) 215 / 190
Spicy Dried Gourami Soup With Pak-Wan฿ (THB) 195
Cowslip Creeper, Minced Pork And Omelette In Clear Broth฿ (THB) 185
Egg Stewed With Pork & Tofu฿ (THB) 180
Tamarind Soup With Shrimp And Acacia Omelette฿ (THB) 210
Minced Pork And Shrimps In Plum Soup฿ (THB) 230
Stuffed Bitter Gourd Soup฿ (THB) 185
Sea Bass & Coconut Shoot In Spicy Yellow Curry฿ (THB) 275
Tom Yum Soup With River Prawns฿ (THB) 475
Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai)฿ (THB) 195
Herb And Veg Curry With Shrimp฿ (THB) 215
Beef Chunks In Clear Hot And Sour Soup฿ (THB) 275
Baan Ying soup
Baan Ying Soup
Baan Ying tom yum
Baan Ying Tom Yum


Pad-Thai With River Prawns฿ (THB) 290
Pad-Thai With Shrimps฿ (THB) 170
Northern-Style Beef Curry Noodles “Kao Soi฿ (THB) 270
Big Flat Rice Noodles With Gravy Sauce And Grilled Beef฿ (THB) 395
Big Flat Rice Noodles With Omelette And Grilled Beef / Pork Neck / Shrimp฿ (THB) 385 / 245 / 215
Stir-Fried Noodles With Pork In Black Soy Sauce฿ (THB) 155
Stir-Fried Big Flat Rice Noodles With Egg And Chicken฿ (THB) 135
Stir-Fried Big Flat Rice Noodles With Egg And Shrimp฿ (THB) 185
Stir-Fried Instant Noodles With Shrimps฿ (THB) 185
Stir-Fried Ramen Noodles With Spicy Green Chili Paste฿ (THB) 195
Spaghetti Carbonara฿ (THB) 225
Spicy Fried Sea Bass Salad With Rice Vermicelli฿ (THB) 310
Spaghetti With Seafood And Tom Yum Cream Sauce฿ (THB) 230
Pan-Fried Stuffed Noodles With Minced Pork, Veg, Shrimps, Tofu฿ (THB) 125
Pad-Thai With Chicken฿ (THB) 140
Northern-Style Chicken Curry Noodles “Kao Soi”฿ (THB) 160
Big Flat Rice Noodles With Gravy Sauce And Pork Neck฿ (THB) 215
Big Flat Rice Noodles With Gravy Sauce And Shrimps฿ (THB) 185
Stir-Fried Noodles With Chicken In Black Soy Sauce฿ (THB) 150
Stir-Fried Noodles With Shrimps In Black Soy Sauce฿ (THB) 185
Seafood Stir-Fried Noodles With Chili And Basil฿ (THB) 210
Baan-Ying Signature Stir-Fried Noodles฿ (THB) 165
Spaghetti With Shrimps & Tomato Sauce฿ (THB) 215
Spaghetti With Crab, Chili & Garlic฿ (THB) 485
Spaghetti With Basil, Chili And Fried Salmon Filet฿ (THB) 295
Fried Spaghetti With Bacon & Clam฿ (THB) 220


Royal “Nan” Fried Rice฿ (THB) 270
Fried Rice With Salted Fish฿ (THB) 160
Chinese Olive Fried Rice฿ (THB) 185
Seafood Fried Rice With X.O Sauce฿ (THB) 345
Fried Rice With Pork฿ (THB) 150
Fried Rice With Chicken฿ (THB) 135
Fried Rice With Shrimps, Shrimp Oil And Dried Chili฿ (THB) 215
Stir-Fried Sticky Rice With Vietnamese Sausage And Eggs฿ (THB) 150
Fried Rice With Black Soy Sauce, Pork And Chinese Broccoli฿ (THB) 160
Sun-Dried Beef Fried Rice฿ (THB) 215
Baan-Ying’s Fried Rice฿ (THB) 180
Mackerel Fried Rice With Pork Rind฿ (THB) 180
Pineapple Fried Rice฿ (THB) 255
Tom-Yung Fried Rice฿ (THB) 215
Fried Rice With Shrimps฿ (THB) 175
Fried Rice With Crab Meat฿ (THB) 365
Seafood Fried Rice฿ (THB) 195
Pork Belly Fried Rice With Salted Eggs฿ (THB) 170
Stir-Fried Sticky Rice With Chicken Or Pork, Chili & Basil฿ (THB) 135 / 150


Chicken Green Curry฿ (THB) 120
Beef Green Curry฿ (THB) 140
Beef Basil฿ (THB) 190
Shrimp Basil฿ (THB) 190
Shrimp With Garlic & Chili฿ (THB) 195
Fish With Garlic & Chili฿ (THB) 195
Pork & Snap Pea With Chinese Olive฿ (THB) 145
Beef & Eryngii Mushroom With Garlic Chili฿ (THB) 155
Chicken Basil฿ (THB) 130
Pork Basil฿ (THB) 145
Squid Basil฿ (THB) 190
Mixed Seafood Basil฿ (THB) 190
Pork & Tofu With Chili & Garlic฿ (THB) 145
Chicken & Tofu With Chili & Garlic฿ (THB) 130
Pork & Egg Tofu With Chili Paste฿ (THB) 145


Orange Juice฿ (THB) 100
Orange Frappe฿ (THB) 115
Strawberry Frappe฿ (THB) 105
Lychee Frappe฿ (THB) 95
Watermelon Frappe฿ (THB) 85
Pineapple Frappe฿ (THB) 85
Melon Milk Frappe฿ (THB) 95
Mango Frappe฿ (THB) 95
Limeade Frappe฿ (THB) 85
Coconut Frappe฿ (THB) 115
Coconut (Whole)฿ (THB) 100
Lime & Boney฿ (THB) 80
Iced Lemon Tea฿ (THB) 60
Lime Juice฿ (THB) 70
Lychee Black Tea฿ (THB) 75
Chrysanthemum Tea฿ (THB) 60

Is Baan Ying in Bangkok Halal?

No, Baan Ying Restaurant in Bangkok doesn’t have a Halal certificate.

Baan Ying Bangkok – Working hours and location

Opening days: Monday – Sunday


  • Baan Ying Terminal 21
    • Opening hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (10:00 – 22:00)
    • Address: 88 Soi Sukhumvit 19, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Open Map)
  • Baan Ying Central World (ร้านอาหารบ้านหญิง ชั้น 3)
    • Opening hours: 10.00 am – 9.00 pm (10:00 – 21:00)
    • Address: 4, 4/1-4/2,4/4, Central World, 3rd Floor, Rajdamri Road, Pathumwan, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Open Map)
  • Baan Ying Siam Center
    • Opening hours: 10.30 am – 9.00 pm (10:30 – 21:00)
    • Address: Siam Center Shipping Mall, Rama 1 Road, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Open Map)
  • Baan Ying Silom Complex
    • Opening hours: 10.30 am – 9.30 pm (10:30 – 21:30)
    • Address: 191 Si Lom Rd, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand (Open Map)
  • Baan Ying The Market
    • Opening hours: 10.00 am – 9.00 pm (10:00 – 21:00)
    • Address: 111 Room M13sa09 3rd Floor Ratchadamri Road, Prathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Open Map)
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